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May Project by Babi

Hi Everyone,

Today it’s my turn to share with you my new projects with the new Happy Accident collection.

I used the gorgeous Fate and Lucky papers  to create my first project, called ” Creativity”.

I applied some texture paste on a butterfly stencil to create a light texture to the main paper. Then, I glued a few strips of the Lucky paper to complete the background.

I covered the Berry Stems and collage chipboards with Plum and Oatmeal embossing powder. It matched perfectly with the paper.

I stamped the Spring Accents on a vellum paper and cut it to create the cluster. Then, added some flowers and other embellishments to finish my page.


Supplies using Blue Fern Studios:

Papers: Fate and Lucky

Chipboard: Berry Stems and Collage

Embossing Powder: Oatmeal and Plum

Flowers: Happy Roses

Stamp: Spring Accents


 I’m also using the  Happy Accident Collection to create my secont page called “Happiness” .

I used the Incident paper as the main page. This paper has a lovely texture and I didn’t feel the need to add much more to it.  I simply added some texture paste on a script stencil and poured some Honey embossing powder,  just to bring a little bit of attention to the middle of the page.

Then I stamped the background with black ink and my base is ready to be decorated.

I covered  Garden Lace and Turkish Bits with Snow and Stormy Skies embossing powder.  I basically covered the chipboards with  Snow Powder and sprinkled the Stormy Skies to add more contrast.

I finished with Printed Chipboards – Happy Accident, flowers and and cut leaves.

Supplies using Blue Fern Studios:

Papers: Incident

Chipboard: Garden Lace Bits, Turkish Bits and Printed Chipboard

Embossing Powder: Honey, Snow Stormy Skies


My last project is a exploding box also with Happy Accident collection. I just love this “yellow – blue” color combo and decided to create something to go along with my second layout.


I used a kraft cardstock to create the base  and lid for my box.

I choose the following papers to decorate the layers and the interior of the box: Incident, Fluke, Fate and Chance. 

On the lid I used a beautiful frame that came in the Printed Chipboard sheet. I covered it with gesso to match the papers.

I also used Spring Flowers and Layering Stems that I covered with Snow embossing powder.

The interior  was decorated with the papers listed above and some flowers that I fussed cut from Fascination- Serendipity Collection.

Some elements from Printed Chipboard to decorate the little squares.  I created two layers for the interior but it was quite difficult to photograph.

Then, added Turkish Bits chipboard which I embossed with Snow and  Breeze embossing Powder.

Flowers, laces and other embellishents for the final details.

Supplies using Blue Fern Studios:

Papers: Incident, Fluke, Fate and Chance – Happy Accident

Fascination- Serendipity

Chipboard:  Turkish Bits, Layering Stems and Printed Chipboard

Embossing Powder: Snow, Breeze

Flowers: Spring


Hope you enjoy it and have lots of fun with this beautiful collection.

See y’all next month.



Blue Fern Studios – Spring Parade Projects

Hi Everyone,

Today it’s my turn to share with you my new projects with the gorgeous Spring Parade Collection.

I used the Susie’s Parade paper for my first project, called “Gratitude”.

I covered the Classic Bunnies and Garden Lattice chipboards with Snow Embossing Powder.

And finished my project with some flowers that I “fussy cut” from Joyful paper. I also used Spring Florals and Late Winter flowers.

Blue Fern Studios Supplies:

Susie’s Parade

Classic Bunnies
Garden Lattice

Spring Florals
Late Winter

Embossing Powder:

For my second project I decided to create a ” Magical Garden” layout. My daughter loves fairies and magical creatures and I think this collection is perfect for these kind of layout.

I use the Remenbrance paper for the background.

Then, I embossed the Bordeaux Layered Frame and Winter Titles with a mix of embossing powders: Coral, It’s a Girl and Oatmeal. I wanted the chipboard to blend with the main paper and have some contrast.

To create the garden I used dry moss, beads, resines, mini flowers and Spring Lillies flowers.

Blue Fern Studios Supplies:


Bordeaux Layered Frame
Winter Titles

Embossing Powder:
It’s a Girl

Spring Lillies


My last two projects are two spring cards also using the Spring Parade Collection.

I used Susie’s Garden (front and back) to create my first card.

Then, fussy cut the bunnies from Spring Petites paper. The flowers are also fussy cut from Joyful and Susie’s Paper.

Blue Fern Studios Supplies:

Susie’s Parade
Spring Petites


For my last card I used May Vignettes and June papers.
I embossed the Lace Rounds chipboard with Antique Gold Embossing Powder to create the center piece.

And for decorations I used stamp, flowers, leaves and a cute Bunny from Spring Petites paper.

Blue Fern Studios Supplies:

May Vignettes
Spring Petites

Lace Rounds

Embossing Powder:
Antique Golden

I hope you enjoy it and thanks for stopping by.


Mini Album Vintage Christmas

Oi Oi! Hoje compartilho com vocês o meu projeto natalino para o MMT.

Resolvi fazer um mini álbum com formato um pouco diferente. Usei faquinhas de corte circular para cortar os papeis da base do álbum.

Usei  cardstock de alta gramatura (110lb) para deixar as páginas firmes e, depois, colei  papel estampado por cima.

O meu álbum foi feito com papeis da Blue Fern – Vintage Christmas. Eu raramente uso papeis nos tons de vermelho e verde, mas achei essa coleção super bonita é fácil de trabalhar. Bem versátil!

A capa foi feita com chipboard e tecido.

Usei elementos dos prórios papeis para decorar as páginas. Adorei as flores e as usei em praticamente todas as páginas.

Usei esses photo corners  nos papeis decorados, definindo o lugar onde a foto deverá ser encaixada

E mais detalhes…

Chipboard  Winter Florest – Blue Fern Studios.

Para finalizar, gotinhas de gesso em todas as páginas.

Se você gostou do álbum e deseja participar do sorteio… não deixe de conferir as regrinhas lá no MMT 

Um  Feliz Natal e 2017 lindo e abençoado pra vocês!